Thursday, February 09, 2012

I Ain't No Trash

1.  Our next door neighbor has a new live-in girlfriend.  This is his third one in two years.  There's been a pretty big gap in between this one and the last one.  The last one provided us with endless entertainment in the form of profanity laced telephone conversations that, for some reason, always took place on their back patio.  Incidentally, this is also where their break-up fight took place.  It included a looooong string of expletives (she really was a swearing master because I would have never thought to put all of those words together in that order) followed by, "You cain't treat me like that!  I ain't no trash!"

2.  I took Carolyn down to PetSmart the other night to see all of the animals.  She kept kissing the glass to the ferret cages and saying, "Meow!  Meow!"  She didn't much care for the parrots since the red-chested something-or-other-parrot (suggested retail price $900.  NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS) kept squawking loudly right in her face.  She would sidle up to the cage and yell back, "Quack, QUACK, QUACK!"  Apparently I need to be more diligent in teaching her the correct sounds animals make.  Does anyone know how a ferret sounds?

3.  Her favorite part about PetSmart was that there was a doggie kindergarten taking place right in the middle of the store.  Whenever any of the puppies came her way, she'd drop down to the floor and try to pick all of them up while saying, "Doggie!" and panting at them.

4.  Husband had an interview today at Chase Bank.  We're praying he gets it - he interviewed for the same job at another branch a couple of weeks ago and they hired someone else.  This is the job he really, really wants.  He already has an offer from another company that starts at the beginning of next month.  He'll take that one if this one doesn't come through.

5.  We went to the park this morning where Carolyn finally learned how to get on and off the slide by herself.  She had a ball.  She also allowed me to put her in the swing for longer than 22 seconds.  There were at least four other little kids running around along with four dogs - Carolyn almost sat right on top of a little white, floppy dog.

6.  Last Saturday some women from church generously put out all of their material they don't want anymore.  They also said there was going to be some ready-made baby blankets they were giving away.  I ran over there to gather some up, but by the time I got there, they were all gone.  But, on the table, there was tons and tons of flannel material to make my own.  Oooo-weee, I went to bat for it.  It was like survival of the fittest - although, I'm pretty sure I was the only one who was acting like a lion guarding it's kill.  I ended up with about 20 different pieces of flannel.  I felt victorious.  The funny thing?  I don't even own a sewing machine.  So like, I can't even make one blanket.  Let alone 20.

7.  Several someones have sent diapers for Carolyn our way.  Most of them are anonymous.  Whoever you are, thank you so much!

8.  Someone has asked me to take their wedding pictures.  I can't even tell you how anxiety riddled I feel at the prospect.  I mean, flattered, but anxiety riddled.  You know.  I mean, these are pictures you'll have for the rest of your life.  The ones everyone always wants to see.  What if I mess them up somehow!

9.  And speaking of pictures, my favorite editing site is shutting down mid-April - they've sold themselves to the devil i.e. Google+.  Except the editing tools Google has decided to keep are stupid and hard to use.  I'm protesting.  Who's with me?!

10. Carolyn just came out of the kitchen carrying a spoon and a nearly-empty jar of Nutella I threw away this morning.  I have no idea where she got the idea to do that.


Teagan said...

That child needs a kitten!!

Rondi said...

Praying for Nick and praying that you an get a sewing machine.

Shannon Ivy said...

Discount for some scrapbooking/photo editing software....


Homemade nutella recipe:

Les Browns said...

You can't POSSIBLY mess up our pictures! Believe me, wedding photography has never been a top priority for my sibling's weddings....I'm tempted to say that my wedding pictures will rock their world. That kind of has the competitive side of me all excited.

Les Browns said...

Posted too soon.... you have lots of photography talent and you take amazing pictures. I've never looked so hot as I do in my engagement pictures, so I'm counting being super hot in my wedding photos as well. And that's because you are awesome.