Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Conversation with Husband - and Other Stuff

Husband and I like to snuggle up a little bit before we go to sleep.

This is the conversation we had last night as we were settling in:

Husband: smell like bacon.
Me:  Um.  Thanks.  I guess.
Husband:  Baby, that's a compliment!  Too bad to don't smell like cheese, too.
Me:  You're so romantic.
Husband:  WHAT?!  Bacon and cheese are two of my favorite things.

In other news, my visiting teacher gave Carolyn some bubbles for Valentine's Day.

For the past two days she's been wandering around the house saying, "I da bo bo?"

She's interested in the actual blowing of the bubbles for approximately .25 seconds then she wants me to hold the open container so she can dip the bubble wand in and out, coating my legs in bubble slop.

I thought I'd fool her by emptying out an old bubble bottle and filling it with water so I didn't have to constantly be wiping off my legs.

It totally didn't work.

She knows the difference between the bubbles and the water and believe me, she was not pleased at my attempt at tickeration.

Don't you hate a smart kid?

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Kendra said...

Ah yes...the bubble fascination!!! Marlee is the same way! Of course, her soap and shampoo in the bathroom are "bubbles" as well and she always wants me to put some in her hands so she can rub them together and then smear it on my face! Lovely!