Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All This Stuff

1.  Last Tuesday, some friends of ours gave us tickets to Taste of the Triangle.  It's a food tasting that supports something or other.  You just walk around and grab samples off the tables and eat until you're full.  I've wanted to go ever since I moved here but never was able to.  Admittedly, it was pretty tough to move among the crowd with Carolyn (no strollers allowed, you know) but even at that, I had a pretty good time.  Most of the food I tasted was marginal with the exceptions being The Grill's queso sticks and Starvin' Marvin's crawfish enchiladas.  However, unless you drink alcohol, the admission price really isn't worth it.

2.  Husband started his new job last Friday.  Yesterday, on his first "real" day, I managed to leave my purse along with my keys and cell phone in his car.  Awesome.

3.  I'm attempting to get back to exercising regularly after having a severe case of  feeling sorry for myself for the past three months.  The other day, it was so windy, I thought I was going to be blown right over.  By the time I finished, I was so tired, I felt like I'd run a marathon.

4.  For the bazillionth time, do I appear to be an idiot?  I mean, I'm just asking because I was again approached for gas money the other day by some woman at the gas station - she gave me this big long story.  I happened to have $10 cash in my pocket, so I gave it to her.  She didn't even pretend to fill her car.  She just got back in and drove away laughing.  And so I ask, has anyone who reads this blog ever pulled into a gas station and literally had no way of filling up their car and needed to borrow money?  Because really, if someone needs money and I happen to have some, I'm not above handing it out freely.  But, if you all confirm that I'm being scammed 100% of the time, I'm going to stop.

5.  Carolyn is going to a new babysitter.  The babysitter has a 2.5 year old boy who always wants Carolyn to play basketball with him.  Carolyn could not be less interested.

6.  Since Husband is now back to working, I'm writing up my wish list of what we should buy with his first paycheck.  At the top of my list is a house, but Husband says he's not making enough money to buy one straight up.  You know, unless we want to live in a super nice tent from Outdoors Unlimited.  Other things on the list include tomato plants, a camera bag, a camera instruction course, and a good beard threading.

7.  In the past week, I've been able to have a couple of nights out with the girls.  Someone took me out for a pedicure and dinner and someone else took me out for lunch.  I'm already planning my next one to see the Hunger Games movie.  It'd better not be lame or else I'm going to write a nasty letter to the directors.

8.  Carolyn has officially learned to open every, single door in the house.  This means three things:  #1 things I've hidden from her are now completely fair game.  #2  We have to lock the door leading outside or else she escapes.  #3 Neither of us have gone to the bathroom in peace in over a month (she apparently picks locks as well because believe me, we've locked the doors).

9.  Carolyn has a recent obsession with helicopters which she calls, "ca-cao".  We've watched a Huey helicopter take off on you tube at least seven times in the past 24 hours.

10.  Carolyn has also figured out just recently that her friend's name is Kyle.  She asks for him all day long, wanting to know where he went.  Other random words Carolyn has picked up:  towel, cheese, juice, sippy, diaper.


Rondi said...

You are being scammed. Stop handing out money.

BexxT said...

It's a scam every time. Don't do it.

Anne-Marie said...

I have, more than once, ended up at gas stations without my money (incredibly frustrating), however, I have never asked anyone (other than my brother who was the passenger, 2 of the 3 times I can think of) for money (the third time I had to search my car and finally found a lost checkbook).

I have also been approached for money at the gas station. I wanted to trust her but I just couldn't, so I asked her how much gas she thought she needed to get her where her story said she needed to go and then prepaid her gas with the attendant. I felt good about it because if she was telling the truth, I at least got her where she was going and if not, she only scammed me $7, and it was in gas, not cash.