Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Organizing...and Stuff

I would never assume to call myself an organized person.

I mean, I like to have things in order and in my mind, there are definite places for certain things.

I admit it, I love having a junk drawer as much as the next girl - that drawer where you slide it open just a little bit, shove everything that doesn't belong somewhere else into that drawer, and slam it shut.

However, for some reason, the past several weeks, anything that's not organized has been driving me batty.

I'm sick to death of our pots 'n pans cupboard - digging every, single thing out to get to the thing I need.

So, I got this:

It's meant to be a rack for frying pans, but turn it on it's side, and it does just as well for your Pyrex pans.

And then, there's the food storage problem (one of my friends once said, "I didn't know Mormons were taught to hoard food!")

I'm trying very hard to make our money go as far as possible and if that means buying in bulk/taking major advantage of sales, so be it.

But, I found that by stacking the stuff I bought five deep on shelves that I couldn't see expiration dates and throwing away all the money I thought I was saving.

And the usual storage options were way, way out of my price range.

Hence, these:

I cleaned out the entire clearance bin of these soft drink holders and re-purposed them for our fruits, vegetables, and soups, put them in order of expiration so I'll use the oldest ones first.  Genius!


Kami D. said... are a genius.

Anonymous said...

That's so smart!! But why are you buying brand names? Are you becoming a coupon queen? Can we have a RS class where the secrets are shared so we can all become hoarders of canned products?

Erin said...

The name brand was on sale for 15 cents less than the store brand this past week! I really do prefer the DelMonte peaches and pears to the store brand - I know, they're not supposed to be any different, but the store brand fruit seems to always be slimier and somewhat desintigrated in the can.

Walker Family said...

I love your soft drink holder idea! Where did you get them?

Erin said...

My least favorite store! Walmart! But, like I said, they were on clearance, so I don't know if they're phasing them out or what.