Sunday, April 19, 2009

Best Church Moments

My favorite parts of church today were:

1. I made the mistake of going to the bathroom directly after Sacrament Meeting. My very favorite older lady, who doesn't close the bathroom stall door also goes to the bathroom directly after Sacrament Meeting. If you walk in front of her stall, she chats you up as if everything is completely normal, never taking into account that you might think that a half naked woman chatting at you in the church bathroom is a little strange.

After I had finished my business and was washing my hands, she started to yell, "Help! I can't get up!"

I had to go into the stall, help her off the toilet and pull her pants up as she claimed that her "hands don't work".

2. One of the Children From Hell couldn't be quiet during Primary Sharing Time. They were talking about the plan of salvation when the teacher asked who else was in Heaven with Jesus. Someone shouted out, "SATAN!"

Then she asked what another name for Satan is. Child From Hell raised his hand and yelled, " OH! I KNOW! It's ETHAN!"

3. The only bag I could find this morning to contain the massive amounts of Play-Doh I bought to bribe the kids in my class was a Victoria's Secret bag. The entire lining of the bag features women in their underwear. I hoped no one would notice.

The first kid I sat by during Primary looked at me, looked at my bag, and then said to another teacher, "Hey, this lady has naked girls in her purse!"


Holli said...

Erin, I have a feeling that this class is going to provide you with lots of funny blog posts.

If it helps, Gabi had a great time and I thought your naked lady bag was cute.

Porter Family said...

The great thing about Sunbeams is that you'll always leave with a great story. Hey, write all of them down and sell it as a companion book to your first one! (I only ask for 5% royalty fee for coming up with the idea.)

The Livingstones said...

You must have had the same lesson Ian had on Sunday. The Stake Leadership was actually teaching. They asked if anyone knew who the devil was. Ian raised his hand and said "i'm the devil!" I hope he doesn't really think he's the devil.