Monday, March 30, 2009

What's Wrong With Me?

1. I really have no idea how my mind works. I had a rough night digestively and that always leads to weird dreams. In one particular dream I had to go to an underwater pancake restaurant to sign a pact to not do any midget swimming for the term of one year. No, I have no idea what midget swimming is.

2. Yesterday was Ward Conference. This meant that the Stake Relief Society President came to give a special presentation on food storage. I always feel guilty when they talk about food storage as I have nothing more than a can of powdered butter and powdered eggs (delicious) that The Judy sent to us for Husband's birthday last week. I always think I should be doing more. So, while they were busy freaking the women out about pandemics, etc, they were talking to the men about being better husbands. Maybe they could be better husbands by taking over responsibility for food storage.

3. And speaking of food storage, one of the ladies in our ward said she was trying to order 1,000 pounds of wheat. What on earth are you going to do with 1,000 pounds of wheat? And where on earth are you going to put it? And can I come to your house when there's an emergency and I don't have any wheat?

4. My NCAA bracket is looking horrible. While I picked Louisville and North Carolina, I was glad to see Michigan State win and was rooting for Oklahoma. I like that Blake kid. He plays pretty basketball.

5. I was mistaken for a high school student this weekend. Really. I've always looked young for my age, but SIXTEEN? Apparently sixteen-year-olds now-a-days have a lot more wrinkles than when I was in high school.

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JRome said...

Food storage can be stressful especially when the principle of it is overwhelmed by personal beliefs of others.

My food storage mantra is to make sure I have enough food for at least 3 months. By rotating and re-stocking my groceries in my pantry on a regular basis, I am able to do this.

I usually buy an extra can, box or two of something I normally eat each time I go to the store (like canned beans, corn, tuna, stuffing, etc...)

I think the principle of being prepared should be on top of whether you buy a 1,000 pound of wheat for your family.

Since I don't know what I would do with wheat, I try to get items more palatable to my taste (canned tuna may not be yours, but I love em!)

I also try to buy bulk items whenever possible and look for the best deals, which helps me budget.

By the way, I have tons of awesome treats in my pantry (or food storage). I pretend I'm going camping :)

Good luck!