Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here's a conversation I had with a girl at class last night:

Girl: It's HOT in here. I think it might be because I just finished tanning.
Me: You just finished tanning? Aren't you three-quarters Cherokee Indian?
Girl: Yeah, but I'm a really white Indian.


Porter Family said...

I completely empathize with her--I'm 3/4 white Irish. I have to tan all the time and it still does no good. Poor gal.

Erin said...

This girl, I swear to you, looks full-blooded Indian. Why on earth would you want to be darker??

I am also a whitey - although I can get pretty tan when I put my mind to it. This would be great news except for the fact that my grandma also had skin cancer...I'm trying to figure out if I would rather be white and non-cancerous or tan and have multiple skin patches removed...Oh, the decisions...