Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why I Married Husband

1. He can tie his tie without looking in a mirror.

2. He can add big numbers in his head really fast.

3. He has begun refraining from fighting back when I decide it's time to wrestle. This helps me think I'm winning all the time.

4. He lets me rub his tummy and the soft part on his arm when I'm feeling sad or needy. He also rubs my tummy when I'm feeling sick.

5. He is a great recipe picker. He can pick anything to make and it always turns out delicious.

6. He agrees that shorts, a sweatshirt, glasses, and piggytails are my best look.

7. He lets me pretend that I'm tough even though he apparently thinks it's funny.

8. He thinks I look good in a headlamp. And he wishes he had one.

9. He tells me when I've got stuff stuck in my teeth.

10. He allows me to pick his zits and practice my limited massage techniques on him even if I accidentally hurt him.

BONUS: For our anniversary, Husband got us set up with DVR. I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to pause and record live TV. It's easily the best invention in the last 500 years beside electricity, sliced bread, and flushing toilets.


Porter Family said...

Try getting DVR for a year and then moving to an apartment complex that doesn't allow satellite. That's the biggest bummer on the planet. Now we have to really use those commercial breaks to get the kids in bed or else we miss crucial moments of shows like the Batchelor or the Office! It takes lots of planning. Man, I wish I had that back. Just think--when you're in class and can't watch the Batchelor, you can just DVR it and watch the good parts! Man, you married well.

The Pittmeister said...

How did you meet your husband? I thought you were single when you lived in Iwate, but soon after moving back you got married. How did it all happen?

Erin said...

My friend gave him my email address about four months before I came home from Iwate. We talked on the phone until I got home and on the way home, I stopped in Texas to meet him. He was exactly what I wanted so we didn't wait (obviously).

When is your wife going to be able to join you, Pitt??