Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Didn't Someone Tell Me?

There are several things I wish someone would have told me before I had to find out for myself:

1. I wish someone had told me that after I turned 10 and graduated from 4th grade no one would ever ask me to name ANY of the state capitals. The good news about that is I still remember them and if I'm ever on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I'm going to clean house.

2. I wish someone had told me that all during college you will have roommates that you don't really like and the ones you don't like will inevitably be the ones that will be home any time you are there. Then, when you find a husband who you actually WANT to spend time with everyday, you will never see him.

3. I wish someone had told me that the chances of me getting my dream job are actually pretty slim as job of "Superstar Princess" doesn't exist.

4. I wish someone had told me that majoring in Recreational Management was a bad idea as there are no jobs in it, no money in it, and everyone laughs when they realize you majored in camping. And, as far as that goes, I wish someone had told me that I should go to a smaller university where I wouldn't have been scared to major in teaching like I wanted to (which I decided not to do because I would have had to take advanced math classes that I would have failed). Come to think of it, The Judy MIGHT have mentioned that to me...

5. I wish someone had told me that running a half marathon would be one of the worst decisions of my life. Not only was it SOOOOOOOOO hard, but I projectile vomited several times on the lady at the finish line.

6. I wish someone had told me that the first man I thought I was going to marry is actually gay. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and embarrassment in having to explain why he really wasn't "the one".

7. I wish someone had told me that I should take up an instrument. This is because I wish I could play one now. And also because, let's face it, the band nerds were also really good at math.

8. I wish someone had told me that I was not fat in high school when I weighed 135 pounds. I used to beat myself up all the time because I thought I looked similar to a beached whale.

9. I wish someone had told me that my college internship would consist of me making coffee, sorting Girl Scout cookies, and making window stickers out of Elmer's glue.

10. I wish someone had told me that Subaru Imprezas are the best cars in the entire world. As in AWESOME.

11. I wish someone had told me that life just gets harder as you get older. Had I known that I would have used my special magical powers to freeze time.


Holli said...

When did you run a half-marathon? Is there any in the area? Not that I'm going to run one, just that I'm curious...


So, I hear you are now inducted into the Mariokart awesomeness club? You know, we could play online!!! WE COULD PLAY ONLINE! (I'm so excited that I finally have a friend and a game I can play online -- maybe now Kyle will give up some of his XBOX Rainbow 6 time for me to play with you!)

Porter Family said...

I wish someone would have told me that there really ISN'T a tuition refund if you graduate from BYU still single. All that money down the drain... :)

Erin said...

Holli - I ran the half marathon in 2004 - not any time recently.

And Heather, I was also very upset about the tuition refund. I was looking forward to having that money to set up an "I am desparate because I couldn't get married EVEN at BYU" dating website. Naturally, I was going to solicit you and Emily to be my first clients...

JRome said...

I'm with ya! I love my Subary Legacy Outback. It's all about love.