Saturday, November 14, 2015

The New Job


When I went to massage school like a million years ago (ok, it was only eight years ago, but it feels like I live an entirely different life now than I did then...because now I have children), it was my goal to get a job doing treatment massages at a physical therapy office.

Since that time, I've done massaging at spas and in home health (which, PS, I LOVED), but never really thought I'd get a chance to do what I wanted to do to begin with.

I've been working off and on for a local chiropractic office here in town, doing special events for the last four years and even tried to set up a one-hour massage deal out of their office last fall.

And everything kept falling apart.  And I was convinced that it just wasn't in the cards.

So, two months ago, one of their massage therapists just didn't show up one day, so they asked if I could temp for a couple of weeks until they found a new one, knowing that if at all possible, I didn't want to work full time.

Two weeks later, they still hadn't found anyone.

And then their other therapist quit.

They asked if I knew anyone who was interested in a job....full time.

So I started to plant my little seeds.  I mean, I can't work full-time, but I could do these days at this time.  And look at what a good worker I am.  And guess what, at least 60% of the patients find me charming.

Then Husband, bless his heart, told me that he might could change his work schedule up a little bit so he could pick the kids up from school twice a week so I could work two full days.


The job was mine (doing treatment massages, so I don't have to have clients, the massages are attached to care plans and I just take them as they come.  Oh, and I'm paid hourly, so I'm paid even if I'm just standing around doing nothing - which honestly, doesn't happen very often anyway).  And it only took me four years.

Let me tell you, it has been wonderful.  Hard.  Haaaaard.  But wonderful.

It's been two entire years since I've done any massaging at all and over four since I've done all-day massaging.

By the end of every, single day, I am physically exhausted and still feel guilty that I'm not a stay-at-home-mom 100% of the time.

I work with some outstanding people, I love the patients (except for three of them), and I'm FINALLY doing what I wanted to do.

Oh, and guess what?  We met the October goal for patients seen and the chiropractor treated everyone in the office to a shopping spree and dinner.  Not too shabby.

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