Friday, February 27, 2015

15 Months

Today was Tater's 15 month appointment.

Also his second doctor's appointment this week.

Because The Plague has descended on southeast Texas and we're probably all going to die a mean, nasty death because of it.

Just outstanding.

I am not a good mother when I have sick children.  I might not be a good mother any other time, either, but I definitely know that I'm not a good mother then.

I can only handle so much whining, which is horrible, because he's just a baby and how else is he supposed to communicate?

The one and only good thing that's come out of it is that he wants to cuddle up to me a lot.  The bad thing about that is that he doesn't want to cuddle with anyone else.  Ever.  So don't even ask and don't even try to get away because you will suffer the consequences.

He also refused to eat for almost an entire week because the virus he had caused blisters in his throat. Since we found that out, Carolyn has obsessively been looking up "throat blisters" on my iPad and then wanting me to look at the pictures (I can handle grossness, but for some reason, skin maladies freak me out.  They make me itch).


Fifteen months old.  And apparently, he has shrunk half an inch since his last appointment.  And I'm pretty sure he's lost about two pounds in the past week.

But, for posterity, here are the stats:

Height:  31.5 inches (he was 32 at his 12 month appointment (which was only six weeks ago thanks to the holidays)....uhhh....say what?!)
Weight:  25.75 pounds

*He is working on tooth #16 - he's been teething for months and months.  He is constantly snotty and slobbery because of it.  Oh, and he has a constant rash around his mouth.

*He is working harder to communicate even though all of the words he has sound pretty much the same.

*He does not believe he should be woken up before he is ready and if you think otherwise, he'll tell you all about it.

*He is down to one long nap a day.  Don't ask us to do anything in the afternoon.  Nap time takes precedence over everything else.

*He is still breastfeeding 1-2 times a day - and again, this is something I NEVER thought I'd do.  I only planned to go until 12 months and that was IT.  But, I like having time in the mornings with just the two of us.  Unless he bites.  Then, it's not so fun.

*If it was up to him, he'd drink all day every day and never eat a thing.

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