Tuesday, August 26, 2014

9 Months

*About two hours after I posted Tater's 8-month update, he learned how to crawl properly.  He's everywhere now.  He's even tried the stairs once.  That's where the yellow bruise on his forehead came from.

*I'm pretty sure there's never been a baby in the history of the world who can screech like Tate can.  He doesn't believe in any in-between noises either.  He is either completely content, or screaming like a banshee.

*He has FINALLY started taking to solids.  About three weeks ago, he started willingly eating fruits.  Last week he ate some green beans.  And something or other with chicken in it.  He really prefers to eat anything I have, but continues to gag on anything that's not completely pureed.

*He sleeps through the night about once a week.  Or maybe closer to every five days.  At least I think he does.  I moved his crib to the far corner of his bedroom and shut the door.  So, unless he's completely and totally freaking out, I can't hear him very well.

*He can stand on his own for very short periods of time.  I think if I put shoes on him, he'd be able to balance, but he has Nick Peters feet - too wide for baby shoes unless they are four sizes too long.

*He continues to really, really like his ninny and eats about six times a day even with the solids.  I was only planning to breastfeed until a year, but we'll have to reevaluate when we get there...since he still won't take a bottle and never mind a cup of any kind.

*He is in love with all things electronic.  He spends most of his day screaming when whatever it is he's after has been confiscated. 

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