Saturday, April 05, 2014

This is Why Nothing Gets Done

If you look at my house, you'd probably be all like, "I don't think Erin ever does anything in this house!  It looks horrible!"

But I do!

I swear it!

The problem is that I sort of have ADD, so nothing ever gets 100% done.

Case in point:

1.  The 40 pounds of hamburger I ordered from Zaycon came today.
2.  I thought about cutting it up to freeze it.
3.  But the knife I needed was in the dish washer.
4.  The dishwasher needed unloading.
5.  While unloading the dishwasher, I decided to clean the superfluous cups out of the cupboard.
6.  What if someone else wants these cups?  Better take a picture for an email.
7.  Thought I should send the email out immediately so I could get rid of the cups ASAP so I would have room to cut up the hamburger.
8.  As I go to the computer, I notice the garbage is full.
9.  Take out the garbage and as I'm coming back in, notice the tomato plants need watering.
10.  As I'm watering the plants, I think they might need fertilizer.
11.  Come in to get the fertilizer to see that Husband has left the empty flour container on the counter.
12.  While putting flour in the container, I notice some of my fabric has fallen off the shelf.
13.  While putting it back, decide that I should go through all of the fabric and send some to my mom.
14.  Go to get a box to put the fabric in.
15.  It's the box that the hamburger was in.
16.  Back to the kitchen to cut up the hamburger...

The baby will be awake any minute.  And nothing I was supposed to do while he was asleep is done.  And yet I found time to blog about why nothing gets done...


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Kami D. said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I do that SAME thing! And my house is a wreck.