Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Struggle

the honeymoon period is definitely over.

and the struggle has begun.

i fully admit it - i used to judge people with only two kids.  because how hard could it really be?

but now that i have two kids, i can only think, "how to people have more than two kids? ever?"

again, the problem is not with the number of kids.  actually taking care of two kids hasn't been more difficult for me than taking care of one.

the problem is that i'm having a super hard time adjusting to the new normal.

getting anywhere is twice as hard.  doing anything is twice as hard.  having time to go to the gym in between feeding a baby and feeding the rest of my people is twice as hard.

every time i start something, one or the other of my kids needs me...so nothing and i mean nothing gets done.

and i constantly feel just plain exhausted and overwhelmed at even the simplest of things.

i don't understand how to get a nap for tate while also getting out of the house - because being home all day drives me bonkers.

i don't know how to take care of myself while also taking care of everyone else.

i don't know why the floor is always dirty even when i just vacuumed it.

and for the love, why won't carolyn just listen and do what i ask without me having to ask seven times and then losing my temper?!

carolyn's recent constant refrain is, "why does tate have to be here?" no matter where we are or what we're doing (most especially if she has to share her daddy with him).

i know these are normal feelings...and mothers across the land are shaking their heads at me yet again, but things have got to get back to normal.

or maybe i should just resign myself to get used to it.


Holli Petersen said...

Don't worry, Erin. You will reach a new normal that will work for you and the kiddos. You learn to adjust and things will get easier. Tate will eventually need to nap less and eat less. Carolyn will get used to him being around... it will go by faster than you think!

Three kids blew my mind - especially having two close together. I had a lot of help in the beginning until I could figure it out.

For me, I decided that I disliked being out with all three kids alone a lot more than I disliked being at home with all three kids alone. So, now I save most of my errands for Saturday or the evenings. Once the babies are big enough to reliably ride in a cart together, I'll venture out more.

Good luck! Adjustment periods are never fun!

Cindy said...

It's funny--when they're little all you want to do is get out, then when they get older, you just wish you could stay home for one whole day without all the running around.

grace said...

Erin! I found your blog! I get the struggle! I'm at the point where I prefer staying home instead of getting out… and nothing gets done. when i'm out & about, nothing gets done at home. the nothing gets done has been an ongoing thing here and there.

it does get better! or you just get used to it? your body will heal…and start to feel less sore. eventually you get core strength back (in your body and your mind). though who am i to talk? i feel like my brain is frazzled all the time nowadays!

just know that i get it and i'm here. come over & hang out!

jlbunting.com said...

Ditto to what your friends above have said. And ditto to what you wrote. I don't have any new advice, but I sure can relate! Just think, this is the easy part. I'm bracing myself for when they are teenagers.