Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Thought I Had It Figured...

just when i think i have this breastfeeding thing figured, it changes.

every. single. time.

tate was sleeping pretty reliably until 5 last week.

then one day, he slept until 8. 

then he slept until 1 and was up again at 3 and 6.

then he wants to eat off of one side this time and both sides next time and this side once and that side twice...

say what?

this week, i assume he's going through a growth spurt (growth spurts are for the bloody birds) because he wants to eat pretty much every hour.

at least i think he wants to eat.  i have no idea how mothers are ever really sure whether their kid wants to eat or sleep.  because i can't tell the difference between the cries.

in any case, i thought that by now, my boobs would have stopped hurting.

they're either too full or (pardon) my nipples are killing me or stuff is leaking out and staining my shirts because who can ever really remember to put those little pad things in their bra every morning?

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