Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

1.  A night's sleep.  Like eight hours.  Or like 3 continuous hours would be ok, too.

2.  Non-sore breasts.  Because I'm pretty sure people lied when they said they wouldn't hurt after 2 weeks.

3.  A meal where I can sit down and eat.  While it's still hot.  Cold eggs = nasty.

4.  A day where Carolyn will do what I say.  At least part of the day.  And where I won't have to tell her not to jump on the couch even once.  Or where she won't inadvertently hurt me by kneeling on my shins while I'm feeding Tate.  Or where I don't have to yell, "STOP OR YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF!"

5.  A car with power locks.  And a speedometer and air conditioner and windshield wipers that work.

6.  My job back.  Or at least a comparable one waiting for me after the beginning of the year.

7.  Clothes that fit - pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit.  Pregnancy clothes don't fit. 

8.  The ability to act normally when I don't get enough sleep.  Mostly I'm just miserable and I can't pretend otherwise.

9.  A flat stomach.  Without surgery.  Or exercise.  Or dieting.

10.  A day where I actually feel like a good, smart parent.