Friday, December 27, 2013

Because It Bothers Me

You know, I don't really understand all the hull-a-balloo about breastfeeding lately.

Or, maybe it's not lately, maybe it's just that I'm more sensitive to it since I'm now one of that population.

But, I mean, REALLY, what's the big deal?

I breastfeed for the following reasons:

1.  Because I actually can this time (have I mentioned how proud I am of that fact?  Have I?  Huh?  HUH?).
2.  Because I don't have to wash bottles.
3.  Because I don't have to carry pre-measured formula and purified water around with me.
4.  Because it's FREE (on average, you spend $1,500-1,700 on formula for a formula fed baby).
5.  Because baby be hungry.

I'm not one of those ladies who's all like, "I just love the closeness and the bond we're creating." 

In fact, I don't even necessarily enjoy it at all.  It's just the transfer of food from one place to another.

What I don't get is how it's like a political statement now if you breastfeed.  Ok, so maybe more like a social statement.  Or whatever.

What I'm saying is that lots of women who breastfeed seem to think that they have to prove a point. 

Like, I am woman with milk, hear me roar.

And then there's the whole debate over covering and not covering and flashing people and them getting offended and then you getting offended because they're offended.

(For the record, in public, I cover.  Not because I care if anyone sees anything I have to offer, but because I'm not so sure that if I was eating at a restaurant and some lady just whipped out her stuff that I wouldn't be just a little shocked.  I mean, I'd like to think that I wouldn't, but let's be honest, I probably would.  I don't like's hot and it's itchy and Tate isn't a fan and I spend half my time trying to figure out if he's latched right because good grief, when I nurse in public, things hurt more and I don't know why.  I think it might be because of stage fright.  On my part as well as his.)

But the bottom line is, breastfeeding is just feeding a baby.  Like, here's some lunch, dude.

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Emily said...

I'm with you! Mostly... at first I was much more chill about it, because seriously, it is JUST feeding a baby, and it's more practical than anything else. However, I've had a couple of rude comments directed at me, and others directed at breastfeeding women in general. They get me fired up super fast! Consequently, I have in my possession my very first soapbox. I try to avoid hopping up on it unnecessarily, but I love talking about boobies, and I want to punch everyone who has something mean to say! The only thing worse to me than a woman who is ridiculously militant about convincing the world to breastfeed is the people who, FOR SOME WEIRD REASON, have something to say about it when it's none of their frickin business.


There's that soapbox. My bad!

Btw, I'm super proud of the fact that you can this time too! :)