Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Kid Has Something to Say:

Coming Thanksgiving 2013

That makes me 10 weeks (and change) pregnant (although the ultrasound puts me at 11 weeks).

First appointment at the doctor yesterday wherein no one could find a heartbeat.

Yes, I was trying to appear calm while FAH-REAKING out.

Hence the ultrasound.

The only thing that's the same with this pregnancy so far is the blinding headaches.

Instead of puking, I just feel nauseated pretty much all day long and especially at night.

MAJOR gastric distress going on up in here.

Have to take those horrible progesterone deals again.

Worst thing in the world is having to take grody tasting medicine when you're already feeling nasty.

Can barely make it to noon before I feel like I'm going to pass out from fatigue.

Thought maybe I was anemic, but according to my latest blood work, the doctor said my iron levels are high enough that he's almost never seen another woman with levels this good.

Which is funny, because the food that makes me feel the best is bloody red meat.

Working in the afternoon is killing me.

Can't remember a damn thing.

Sweets make me sick, sick, sick (except for ice cream).  Tomatoes are delicious.

Struggling at the gym, but refuse to give up under the illusion that maybe if I'm in better shape, the recovery will be easier this time.

Lost six pounds in the past month.

Have to remind myself several times each day that this is what I wanted and prayed for and cried over for 19 months.

Oh, and in case anyone cares, The Kid Part Deux only came along after I'd quit all the medicine (hormone replacement and fertility), told the doctor that there'd be no more poking and prodding and said out loud, "I guess we'll just be one of those families with only one kid.  And I'm fine with that."

And just as a PS You should NEVER potty train another kid during your first trimester.  #1 is gross and #2 patience comes at a premium.


Holli said...

ERIN! So happy for you! Thrilled! Why didn't you tell me this afternoon so I could squeal and jump for you? Trust me, it's too hilarious to miss. :)

Please let me know if you need anything!


lecx5 said...

!!! Yes!!!

Walker Family said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! And, at the risk of being one of those commentators on other people's pregnancy symptoms (probably not the right word for it, but it's late), I'm guessing you're having a boy! I puked my guts out for months with our daughter but was only constantly nauseous with the boys.

Kami D. said...

Congrats!! Power to you for potty training while pregnant. I hope this pregnancy is easier than the last!

Amy Kay said...


Les Browns said...


Chamberlin said...

Congratulations Erin!

Chamberlin said...

So - you still using Old Spice Sports Stick deodorant? (-Seth)

Meghan and Matthew said...

YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! Congratulations!!

Erin said...

Naw, man, stuff didn't work! I had to switch to Men's Degree Sport...because apparently I sweat more than a man.

BexxT said...

2- Ater the yays! I know you are thinking- oh god there are going to be 2 of them? TWO???
3- I totally use men's degree sport. deodorant. Women's options blow, and most men stuff smells like "dude-bro." The Degree sport just kind of smells like soap.