Thursday, May 16, 2013

1.  I've just about had it with these stupid progesterone tablet thingys.  I have to put them under my tongue twice daily and let them dissolve.  They kind of taste like Pepto Bismol, which shouldn't bother me at all, because I kind of like that stuff, but then it leaves this after-taste of...nastiness...that can't be described.  Plus, when they melt, they have this kind of mucous-y texture to them.  Blech, blech, blech.  I've literally been counting down the days until they're gone, and it's taking freaking forever.

2.  Also, next time I want to have a baby, would someone please remind me of my propensity toward headaches and very slow digestion and therefore, nine months of massive stomach issues?  Thanks.

3.  Carolyn's been asking to go to the beach and to see Uncle Rocky (code for:  ride Uncle Rocky's club car on the beach), so tomorrow, we're finally going to do it.  She tells everyone we meet, whether we know them or not.  She says, "Hey, guess what?  I'm going to the beach.  I'm going to swim in the ocean."

4.  We are in a battle with fruit flies.  Husband took out the garbage and cleaned the entire cubby and bleached the places where we keep our fruit, and still they're everywhere.  I poured some bleach down the sink today just to see if that's where they're coming from.  They must die.

5.  Carolyn is doing very well with her pottying.  I'm not going to lie, my least favorite part about being a mother is having to act excited about any fecal excretion that's happening.  Because as I've said before, I don't want to talk about anything that goes on in the bathroom.  I just want it to happen.  After two weeks of training, I've taken away the tiny potty toilet and now make her go on the big toilet all the time.  She's pretty upset with this arrangement as she was getting quite fond of pulling the potty up to the computer so she could watch Curious George and demand snacks while on the toilet.

6.  I was finally able to see the client I haven't seen in six months.  Hallelujah!  I saw her three times this week along with doing two additional massages.  Oooo-wee, after a long layoff with so few hours, I almost had to drag myself home.  After four massages Monday, my hips hurt so bad, I thought it might be better to just go ahead and cut my entire lower body off.

7.  The Trainer at the gym is moving onto greener pastures for the summer.  He's left his circuit training class in the hands of one of the girls from the office.  Bless her heart, she's as sweet as she can be, but this is not the job for her.  She's kind of mousy and doesn't correct people when they're doing the exercises wrong.  If they don't fix it, I'm going to have to give it up for the summer as well.  Which is a shame because I did 74 push ups on Wednesday.  Just sayin'.

8.  I need some new workout clothes in a bad, bad way.  The armpits of all of my shirts are white and crusty.  So that, plus my deodorant, plus current sweat, plus my laundry detergent apparently equal the smell of cat pee.  Seriously.  I kept smelling it at the gym the other day and wondering where it was coming from...and it was totally me.

9.  And speaking of the gym, I'm already slowing down.  I mean, like wayyyyy down.  Most jumping is out (because I pee my pants even if I've just been to the bathroom), any spinning, and any exercise where I have to be face down toward the floor.  I can't really breathe, which is a problem for me.

10.  I won a contest the other day for these cute little hair clippies that look like the Disney princesses.  My excitement is is two fold:  1.  I very rarely win anything.  2.  I've been admiring the clips for months and months, but other things kept coming up, so there was no extra cash for pretties.


Shelby Bingham said...

As far as the fruit flies go, I have heard that they are on the fruit itself, so even if your counter top and fruit bowls are freshly sterilized it won't matter. I wonder if rinsing the fruit in a vinegar/water bath when you get it home from the store will get rid of them. Hmmm...

stephanie from texas said...

Holli said...

Hi, Erin!

We had a terrible problem with fruit flies a few years ago. Maren told me that if you take a baby jar, punch small holes in the top and then fill it with apple cider vinegar that they'll go in and die. I have to say, it actually worked!

Hope this helps!