Friday, March 01, 2013

Weekly Photos

Here is Carolyn practicing for her chosen career.  Which apparently will be pole dancing...

I tried to start potty training Carolyn again today.  I hate, hate, hate potty training.

I really very honestly would rather change diapers all day every day.

Ok, so not all day.  

This is the fourth time we've tried.

All other times have been such a fight, I gave up after an hour or so.

Today there was less fighting and a lot more peeing on the floor (but she did poo in the toilet...halle-freakin'-lujah) as I reminded her time and time again that when she has to potty she needs to tell me.

So, that was awesome.

Finally after four hours and three accidents, I took Carolyn outside so both of us could take a break.

Turns out that even if she doesn't want to pee in the toilet, she can still hang ten on a skateboard.

And really, isn't that more important?

And, I just found these photos as I was looking through the ones I took at the beach a few weeks ago.

It cracks me up because they're sooooo Carolyn.


The Rypple Effect said...

We had a time of potty training also. We then went to Wal-Mart and got 5 little princess prizes and put them in the bathroom along with a bag of marshmallows. I took her every 30 minutes for 2 days. Then when she would go pee on the potty she got marshmallows and if she went poo, then she got one of the prizes. We did that for a week or so and don't have hardly any accidents at all. We still wear pull ups when we got out and about, but when at home it is panties city! She doesn't ask for the marshmallows very much anymore...but when she does, she gets one or two. Whatever works!! Good luck!

Kami D. said...

Yeah...I've tried Maycee twice. The last time she was in underwear for a month and a half and she was too stubborn to switch over. I let her win that battle. Now I'm going to make her beg for her underwear before we try that again.