Friday, February 01, 2013

Love Affair

1.  I am currently involved in a love affair with Chobani yogurt.  People have been talking about Greek yogurt for several years and I always thought, "Oh, c'mon, people!  It's yogurt!  How good can it be?"  How good?  That good.  I had the black cherry today and OH-EM-GEE.  It tastes just like the homemade yogurt Grandma Satan used to make.  That lady was mean and crotchety but she made some damn fine yogurt.  You know where else yogurt is better than the stuff we have in America?  Japan.  Just sayin'.

2.  Oh, and guess what else?  Peppridge Farms is now making s'mores goldfish crackers.  They are made of whole grains.  And if you can keep Carolyn from fishing out all the marshmallows, they taste like a low calorie alternative to the real deal.  Say what?!  PS They also on sale at Kroger this week for 79 cents.

3.  Husband took our cable box back today.  This is our new deal.  We only have cable during college football season and then go without for the other eight months.  Of course, we all know that college football season ended four weeks ago...

4.  You know that client that I haven't been able to see for the past three months due to "paperwork errors"?  I was supposed to be able to start seeing her next week.  But guess what happened.  Just guess.  If you guessed "more paperwork errors", you'd be absolutely right.  For the love, people!  How on earth can you make so many mistakes on one person's paperwork in such a short period of time?  Do you I need to come down there and show you how it's done?  Because I will.

5.  I think Carolyn has an imaginary friend named after my brother-in-law.  I keep hearing her talk to him saying, "No, no Tyler!  Get off of that chair or else it's going to fall on your head!"

6.  Did you know that no where in the Kroger store here can you find raspberry jam?  I think they're communists.

7.  And speaking of Kroger, I'm going to give their store brand Nutella a try.  Someone said it tastes the same.  If I've been mislead, I'm going to be very, very upset.

8.  Since the weather has been so nice, does that mean I can go ahead and plant my garden?  I've been counting down the days.

9.  Is there any reason why I can't keep my child clean?  I mean, there are other kids out there who always look impeccable.  Despite my best efforts, Carolyn generally has stains on her clothing, a dirty face, and sticky hair.  I don't really care if she's dirty, because I'm pretty sure I was dirty all the time when I was little, but I don't want her to look homeless.

10.  Carolyn told me last night, "Well, I have to go upstairs and help daddy with his phone.  Then, I can come down and hang with you, dude."

11.  Even as we speak, Carolyn is giving her ABC singing Elmo a "massage".  Elmo started to sing and Carolyn said, "Oh, this must be a berry good me-ssage if you are singing like that Elmo.  But I'm sorry, you can't get up."


Meghan and Matthew said...

Smuckers Seedless Raspberry Jam and Nutella were absolutely made for each other. I found a dairy-free Nutella knock-off recently and it's just not the same... Bummed indeed.

Kristina P. said...

NO CABLE!?!?! I weep for humanity.

I love Chiobani. I have one almost every morning. And a Clif bar.

Emily Tree said...

I don't have cable either. You don't need it when you can watch stuff online or via the rabbit ears. Have you tried Skyr? It's Icelandic yogurt and has fabulous flavourings. I think they had it at HEB on Dowlen. Quite tasty.

Amy Kay said...

I completely agree about the Japanese yogurt. I'm still mourning the fact that I can't find Hakodate brand strawberry yogurt at my Safeway. Would it really be that difficult to stock it, people?