Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Made Stuff and You're Going to See It

A few more projects:

The Ute diaper cover...made against my will for my cousin's baby.  

The lavender one...I made this because I had extra yarn and because I was tired of working on an afghan I'd stupidly started.  Crocheting afghans in Texas is a stupid, stupid idea.  I mean, it's already too hot to have a blanket on your lap.

Oh, and here's said blanket, which I finally finished today after wallowing in self-pity:

I apparently messed up on my stitch count because the first 3-4 inches of the blanket is longer than the remainder, which makes it wickedly lopsided.

It didn't help anything that for the 23rd time, I also failed to read through the entire pattern before beginning and messed up the last stitch on every, single row.

I figured that out on the second to last row I did...

However, I dig the little popcorn stitches.

I plan to make these and sell them for $900.  Or maybe like $2,000.  Because that's how much work went into it.

Of course, I wouldn't sell it to anyone who had kids.  Or pets.  Or is clumsy.  Because those little stitches would be snagged so easily, it almost makes my stomach sick to think about it.

Pattern here.

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Claudia Fullmer said...

Erin, We are loving the AWESOME UTAH items you made. I hope you didn't use any swear words while you were crocheting. The girl set is for Tiffany's baby. When they get back from Disneyland we'll send you a picture. I hope you have seen McCrae in his hat. Thanks again!