Friday, January 11, 2013

For Posterity

Carolyn had her 2.5 year well check today.

She was so brave - didn't even dry during her shots.

I'm pretty sure it's because The Nurse had a sucker on her little shot tray and Carolyn was fixated on getting it at all costs.

She did, however, ask me to hold her hand so she could be brave.

The Doctor says she looks good except for one thing.

I know, I know, I shouldn't even mention it, but apparently Carolyn's weight is "off the charts" for a 2.5 year old.

I'm not supposed to give her any juice or sweets.

Um.  Ok.

For the seven millionth time, I don't understand what the problem is.

If her height and head measurements are still in the 95th percentile, isn't it ok if her weight is, too?

Anyway, here are the stats:

Height:  37.75 inches
Weight:  39 pounds
Head: 50cm (why can't they just tell me in inches?  I mean, for the love...)

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BexxT said...

I can see your line of reasoning- BUT, compare this to an adult or even a slightly older adolescent.

For example, I was ALWAYS off the charts on height. For heaven's sakes, I was 5'8" tall at 11 years old. However, even though I was maxed at head and height, I was always between 30-50% on weight. So I was slightly below average or right at average on weight.

Even now, I am 100%+ on height for a 31 year old female. My head is an average size. My normal weight is probably around 35-40%.

The percentiles they give kids are telling you stats on your kid compared to ALL other kids. Kings is way taller than other kids. His head is freaking massive too. He weighs less than the average though. There isn't much danger in your kid having a big head or being too tall, but being consistently above 75% as a kid is just one of those red flags docs shoot out. Can it even out- yes. Does it usually even out though?

According to most studies, the answer is no.

Which sucks.

Cuz here's the thing. My kid is a GARBAGE disposal. He eats as much or more than kids 3x his age. He eats FULL plates of food. AND he eats his dessert when I make it for him. He gets orange juice- not watered down either. He gets adult portions of brownies, a whole cupcake, etc. When I say this kid eats everything- I am not exaggerating.

But he has our genetics. His metabolism is off the charts- and he burns all of his calories. He has consistently been in the under 55% on weight since birth (he spiked up to 60% once at like 5 months and I have three weeks of pics to prove that my kid ever had a thigh roll). At this point in his life, I don't have to do anything except make sure he eats veggies and gets enough calcium (he is allergic to milk, so that is a real concern).

But some kids just get the short end of the stick when it comes to weight, and their bodies just make it easy to put weight on. My kid can eat a cupcake everyday and not gain weight, but another kiddo can't do that. Everything about that scenario is lame.

I just want to relay that the reality of future obesity is real and it totally BLOWS. And the docs are just trying to get a handle on the early indicators and danger signs. My bro-in-law was a serious chub as a little kid (always above 75% on weight) and at 16 he shot up to 6'5". He was super thin after that. BUT, now that he is a real adult (28-ish), he does struggle to keep the weight off and has to consciously work out religiously and watch calories so he doesn't gain weight. My husband is the exact opposite- he is just thin and always has been (hubby is like his mom, bro in law is like his dad).

I have no advice, toddlers are hard enough without a doctor pestering you about nutrition. All I can say is give it time- cut back on sugars (if she is even having sugars) including super fattening stuff like milk and cheeses and see if that does anything. All you can do is experiment at this age anyways.

This is super long- but I had to laugh at her height stats... Kings is 36.5-ish inches and 23 months. If Caroline is off the charts at 2.5, holy cow, my kiddo is WAY off the charts on height. I knew he was tall, but dang.

<3 Don't let the doc get you down. Soon she is going to be more than a toddler and kids lose a lot of baby fat when they get the hang of biking, etc.