Thursday, November 08, 2012

Taking it Off

1.  I'm working on day three of a headache right behind my right eye.  I puked last night because it hurt so bad.  I know right where it's coming from, but unfortunately for me, I can't reach it by myself.

2.  Last week we went to the library for the Dairy Classroom.  There's this old dairy farmer couple who drives all over south Texas with an air conditioned livestock trailer with a dairy cow in it.  They pull up wherever they're going, plug in somewhere and milk that cow right on the trailer for everyone to see.  Carolyn didn't really care about any of it until she saw the milk coming out and then she stood up and yelled, "Look, mama!  Delicious milk!"

3.  During the presentation, I almost got in a fight with a male library employee who would not shut up about how bad he thought the cow smelled.  I almost smacked him right in the kisser.

4.  Carolyn has suddenly become very worried about whether or not people are wearing clothes.  The other day on Dancing With the Stars when Apolo Ohno took off his shirt during his dance, she ran up to the TV and pointing, said, "What's he doing take his shirt off?  PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON, DUDE!"

5.  I am saddened at the results of the election.  I thought it was time for a change, but was out voted.  So, what do you do but move on with your life, right?  The horrible thing about it is that everyone on Facebook is acting like the world is going to end.  It's going to be fine, man.

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