Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Conversation

Today on our way to the bank, we saw a big dog with it's head hanging out of a car window.

I said, "Hey, Carolyn, look, there's a dog.  Where do you think that dog's going?"

He's going to the park.

Oh, what's he going to do at the park?

He's going to catch a squirrel (which she pronounces skee-wo-yell).  And eat it.

That's my girl.

And here's something that has nothing to do with anything, but do you ever read other people's blogs and feel that you know them?

That you see their pictures and want to live in their world?

This is one of those blogs.

I've been reading it for roughly two years.

About a year ago, they attempted to adopt a baby girl and the adoption was spoiled after they'd had custody of the baby for a week.

When I read about it, I literally sat on the couch and sobbed.

Today, I read that they've again been able to adopt and that this one has been successful.

Again, I sobbed - this time tears of joy.

All for someone I've never met.


Anonymous said... did she get a copyright on her blog?? I'm thinking I need me one of those.

Erin said...

I thought all you have to do to get a copyright on your own blog is to state that you have one. This is my stuff! Keep your damn hands off of it!

Heather said...

I felt that way when I found your blog. :) And when your dad passed...Broke my heart.
Thanks for sharing...Heather