Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Year Wellness

Carolyn had her 2-year-old well check today.

You'll never guess what the doctor said.

My kid weighs too much.


What I don't get is that if she's in the 95th percentile in height and the 95th percentile in weight, doesn't that make her completely proportionate?

I know I'm not great at math, but in my head, that totally makes good sense.

The good news is that even though she's apparently too chubby (PS I just don't see it), she is apparently a freakin' genius.

And I was all like, "Yeah, of course she is.  She's my child, after all."

For the record:

Height:  35.5 inches
Weight:  33.5 pounds

What makes her brilliant:

She takes after her mother.
She knows all of her colors, shapes, letters, and numbers up to 10.
She can spell her own name.
She knows that she is a girl and her daddy is a boy.
She is obsessed with flags of any kind and is constantly patrolling for them.
She can sing numerous songs on her own.
When you tell her she's pretty, she'll spin around so you can complement her further (I have NO IDEA where she got that idea...)


Kami D. said...

Your child is brilliant!

Walker Family said...

Sounds like a perfectly healthy height/weight ratio to me! I would ignore the doctors on that part.