Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This and That

1.  The Tank has been out of commission since last Friday.  You know the worst thing about only having one car when you're used to having two?  Only having one car when you're used to having two.  Luckily, Husband made major sacrifices so my schedule didn't have to change at all.  Plus, I got to have lunch with him twice, so it was kind of like I was getting asked out on a date.  But a date with a kid where I did the driving (in Husband's car).  Oh, and although the repairs took three full days, the cost was 1/4 of what I thought it would be.

2.  There's a little person on Wheel of Fortune tonight who brought his own designated spinner.  I'm so happy about it, I think I might just cry.

3.  I had bugs in my bed the other night.  They were crawling on my face and in my hair.  I don't know what kind of bugs they were, but they were semi-sizable and I had to work hard to kill them.

4.  Carolyn has decided whenever she tries to get off of something she's climbed onto, she should just go ahead and dive off head first.

5.  Carolyn is pretty much obsessed with all large machinery.  She can spot a loader or a backhoe at 500 meters.  Today, I told her that when we go home, Uncle Jared might give her a ride on his loader.  She spent the rest of the afternoon saying, "Jared, can I have a ride on the loader?  Please?  Jared, what's your name?"

6.  A friend posted this Zumba video on her facebook page.  I really like the dance, but the video is just funny.
  •  I'm totally getting myself some of those eyelashes (pink, thank-you-very-much)
  •   who even knew that doing Zumba in 4-inch heels was an option?! This girl is headed to the mall to pick some up TODAY. 
  •  Does anyone know where I can score one of those sweet Luke Skywalker helmets? Because no one would think I was crazy if I showed up to the gym to dance in it, right?
  •  My very favorite part of the video is when the head Zumba man materializes in the middle of the room full of scantily clad and apparently very bored women.  Kind of like the Fairy Godfather of Entertainment.  Or The King of Awesome.
  •   Zumbaing in those purple ski jackets?  Um....if that were me, I would pass out from heat exhaustion.
7.  Watching that video lead me to this Zumba video.  And naturally, it made me wonder exactly how much money Pitbull has made on letting Zumba license his music.  And I'd also like to know why he feels that he has to push his self-proclaimed nickname of "Mr. World Wide" in every, single song he sings.

8.  And all of that lead me to wanting to know if there's any way we could get a giant fan in the Zumba room to make me look more sexy.  And maybe remove the mirrors so that even if I'm not sexy, I can still pretend. 

9.  Also, I'm going to need someone to teach me how to use "crunk" in a grammatically correct manner as I plan to start using it at least seven times every day.


BexxT said...

I think I missed my calling as a zumba instructor. Seriously. It is like step aerobics with hip rotation to a latin beat. I am so game. I just had to youtube it because I had no idea wth it was- I assumed some kind of dance aerobic class :)

Erin said...

Please, please, please become a Zumba instructor! PLEASE! Certification takes one day and it's $225. I'm sure they have the class in Austin. PLEASE.