Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Carolyn didn't wake up until 7:40 this morning.

Husband had to go in at 7:15 to see if she was still breathing.

The good news is that even though she woke up almost an hour later than usual, she's hurried to catch up on all of her baby work.

*showered and clothed
*dumped out the garbage to play with the ten maxi pads she stuck to the wall yesterday while I wasn't looking
*five grapes (which she calls "beeps") half eaten and smashed on the kitchen floor
*one piece of cheese toast partially eaten
*This and this watched three times each while yelling, "Bye Bye hey-ka-kos!"

The Mother is trying to keep up by learning proper terms for all things helicopter and trying not to think about the seven fire ant bites that have caused two of her toes to swell up like Vienna sausages.

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