Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Go

I really liked some of the pictures I took of spring flowers a couple of weeks ago.

I found several ideas on Pinterest on how to transfer photos to canvas on your own (because have you seen how much it costs to order a canvas picture?  Good grief!  It's like the same amount as a car payment.  Or enough to buy 724 dipped cones at Dairy Queen).

In the end, due to my extreme inability to successfully craft anything, I just modge podged the printed pictures to the canvases.

It turned out alright, I think:

Carolyn thinks I made them especially for her to sit on, step on, and throw around: 

I also tried to transfer some photos to blocks of wood.

And this is how that looks:

Things I didn't realize/would do differently:

1.  You would assume that if you ordered 8x10 photos to put on 8x10 canvases, they would totally fit automatically.  Well, they don't.  I ended up having to crop the pictures by about 1/2 inch on both sides.  And you know what a horrible cutter I am - I totally can't cut anything in a straight line, even when using a ruled cutter.

2.  Finding someone at Lowe's who can cut you some 5x7 blocks of wood is apparently impossible.    Because I ended up with three 5.5x7 blocks instead.  That's it.  I'm buying my own saw.

3.  I can't really figure out how to hang up the wooden blocks - I was thinking about hot gluing some ribbon to the back but then figured out that would be ugly.

4.  Is there no way to make modge podge go on more smoothly?  

5.  No one told me that just around the corner from the shallow canvases I bought, there were deeper canvases.  I totally would have bought those had I known.  I mean, the shallow ones are fine, but the others would have added more dimension.  

6.  I really have no idea where I'll put either one of these works of art.  We're lacking in wall space around here.


Shannon Ivy said...

You can probably buy a bracket to screw into the back of the wood ones like most frames have!

Rondi said...

I was going to leave you the same comment.
And also, the pictures are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Those are so great. Just buy some 3m velcro tabs and stick them to the wall. You'll find them by the brackets but sooo much easier.

Shelby Bingham said...

I'm so impressed! Now that you've figured out how to do this, you're ready to teach a mini class on it! You think I'm kidding, right? I'm not! I need to learn how to do this. :)

Meghan and Matthew said...

Not crafty? pshh... Looks great! I've heard you can hot glue soda can tabs to the backs for hanging hardware. I need to try it out on a few things around here too.

Kami D. said...

Those are awesome!