Monday, February 06, 2012

I'm Super Awesome

Here are the results of my Crafty McCrafterson week:

They still didn't turn out like I wanted them to.

And they still took forever.

But, they're totally functional if not pretty and I guess at this point, that's the best I can ask for.

*This is where the original idea came from.  I never could find the chalkboard spray paint, so I had to buy a quart of paint and paint it on with a brush.  I wouldn't recommend doing it that way - it causes tiny grooves that the chalk gets stuck in, making it harder to erase (easily solved by wiping it down with a damp paper towel).  I blame it on Beaumont.  And the employees at Hobby Lobby who were less than helpful.  Maybe they sensed that I am a crafting loser and didn't belong in the store...


♥ Wagley ♥ said...

I think your books look great and I am sure that Carolyn doesn't even care about the grooves! Lame though that Hobby Lobby wasn't helpful because they totally have the spray chalk board paint on the locked cabinet with the paints... I love Hobby Lobby and what they stand for as a company and I do shop there for crafting stuff if I have a choice but they don't have the best customer service!

Becky said...

The book looks GREAT!! Don't ever tell me you aren't crafty again. It turned out way better than mine! By the way, Jo Ann's sells chalk board paint, and they accept Hobby Lobby coupons.