Thursday, January 26, 2012

Government Agencies

I just love dealing with government agencies.

At the behest of a friend, I applied for yet another government program she was absolutely positive we'd qualify for.

The trip to the office to fill out the application was awesome to begin with and became even more awesome when the case worker looked at me and said, "Wait.  You gots a job?  That means you have to have another interview.  If you didn't have no job, I would approve you right now!"

It's just outstanding to know that if I quit my job, I could totally live off the government without ever having to give proof of my income, living arrangements, child care arrangements, bank account balance, or address verification.

As it stands, having a job means I have to drive all over town collecting paperwork for every, single one of those things.

Because apparently people with jobs who apply to this program are compulsive liars who must be checked at every turn.

How is that not discriminatory?

Today, a week after filling out the paperwork, I had my phone interview wherein they verified all of my answers on the application.

I ended up having to call her back with further information and was placed on hold for 30 minutes with an update every 2 saying that my call was "of the upmost important" to them.

Don't they have people over there who speak English??

Finally, I was told that after she receives all of my paperwork next week, she'll process my application.

Which will take another week.

Then, if we're approved, she'll send me a card.

Which will take another week.

And then I have to call to activate it.

Which will take another 2-3 days.

If you're doing the math that's at least three weeks if we're denied or over four weeks if we're approved.

And to think that if I had no job, it would have taken 20 minutes...

Way to go in passing all of the laws pertaining to this program, The Government.


It totally makes sense to run those who are trying to help themselves through the ringer while handing out benefits unquestioningly to those who sit at home all day doing absolutely nothing.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand. I was awarded full financial aid 2 days ago. Yesterday and today, I have been informed that I have to turn in more paperwork and find such-and-such forms online so that I can TOTALLY be approved. Say what?? Now, I'm printing off the last 4 payroll statements, finding my 2010 tax return, and removing a kidney in my bathroom to prove that YES! I NEED the financial aid!!!!

Rondi said...

Grammar is a lost art. Stupidity rules the world. What a great place to live.