Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

This is what New Year's Eve looked like at our house:

The pre-Christmas rain made the sand box nice and soupy for over a week.  Naturally, Carolyn didn't mind at all.

We looked like winos leaving the grocery store with two bottles in brown paper bags.

I asked Husband if we were going to have chicken wings to ring in the New Year.  Then I said, "It's kind of our tradition."  Husband apparently had not been advised of said tradition.  And then I was thinking, "Whatever, it totally is a tradition, it's documented on my blog and everything, I'll show him!"  But then I looked at my blog and it's kind-of-sort-of not documented anywhere. 

There's nothing more beautiful than homemade bread.  De-licious.

Carolyn is Bat Girl.

Welch's (which really is kind of yucky, but so is alcohol and people celebrate with that all the time).

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