Saturday, January 21, 2012

Canny McCannerson

Does anyone want to know what the Dolly Parton of chicken breasts looks like?

Like this:

Freakin' huge.


And also pretty grody looking.

I canned forty pounds of these suckers yesterday.

It took all day long.

Allllllll daaaaaayyyyyy looooooong.

I don't care if I ever see another piece of raw chicken.

The good news is that I totally didn't blow up the house.

And all of my bottles except one sealed.

I know!

Two days of awesomeness in a row!

My cupboard looks like this:

Does it look like a science experiment to anyone else?

Maybe like bottles full of brains?

It tastes alright.

You know, kind of like bottled chicken.

Carolyn did her best to help out by stealing all of my bottling rings.

She thinks they're made especially to be used as bracelets by her.


Rebecca Lynn said...

WOW!! i'm totally impressed. :) I've never been taught to can and have WASTED two years worth of fruit in the trying. Well done, lady!

Meghan and Matthew said...

I got some too and Matt was making wise cracks the whole time about Dolly Parton, Pam Anderson, and anything else boob-related to try to get a good eye roll out of me. Ours are now frozen, not canned... because evidently my conversion is not yet complete.