Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Praising the Lord

Carolyn and I had to go to the hospital today to drop off some extra paperwork to the financial aid lady.

And be treated like liars.


After that super fun exercise, we decided to head to the lobby to see if we could find out which room one of our friends is staying in.

As luck would have it, The Legacy Christian Academy's show choir was putting on a performance right in front of the information desk!

This included the Happy Hands Club doing a full Christmas song in dancing sign language.

Like there were formation changes and everything!

Then, they sang a Praise The Lord song and all the women around me put their hands in the air and praised right along with them.

There were fervent amens.

Very fervent.

The very best thing about the Praise The Lord song was that it was just like an 80's power ballad.

It didn't actually have an ending.

They just sang the chorus again.

And again.

And again.

And...you get the point, but at the very end, they just kind of faded out.

Carolyn loved it.

She got down on the floor to dance a little and then was thrilled with all the applause that was obviously for her.

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