Monday, December 26, 2011

Not-So-Secret Santa

Our family was lucky enough to have some not-so-secret Santas this year.

Carolyn loooooved it.

She got a baby doll and a shopping cart.

Every time I'd ask her if we should put her baby in the cart, this is what we got:

Apparently she is the only baby around here.

She kept trying to shove all of her loot into the cart at once and was unsuccessful.

And the best part of any Christmas, a sweet box to play in.

And her new stuffies.  I may or may not be thrilled with them as they include three of my very favorite animals in the entire world.  Did I mention how soft they are and how I kind of want to steal them for myself?

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Rondi said...

Seeing Carolyn in the cart reminds me of a story about Eric's sister. When she was little Santa brought her a baby doll carriage. The only thing that ever went in that carriage was their dog.