Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Preparation

This is what Christmas Eve looks like at our house:

We just had a visit from some of our good friends and their two little boys.

One of the boys wanted an additional orange to eat off of our table.

He came to his mother and said, "Hey, that man (meaning Husband) said I could have one."

His mother said, "What's that man's name?"

The boy didn't know.

We told him he had to go ask That Man his name before he could have an orange.

Husband was in the kitchen and didn't hear any of this, but naturally as soon as the boy asked him what his name was he replied, "Sexy Man."

And yes, much to the kid's embarrassment, we made the him repeat it to us before we gave up the fruit.

We're so awesome.


Anonymous said...

You're photo's are so good! Love Carolyn wearing your bra as a hat and scarf! Have you ever thought of charging people to let you take their pictures? Just a thought....

NeiseyG. said...

They really like Sexy Man, and Gabe's pretty sure we can have The Baby if we just ask nicely. They have also started calling each other Sexy Boy. AWESOME!